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Marcus_from_Holland posts on 4/8/2005 6:32:32 AM Hello everybody, I'm looking for the title of an Vivaldi-piece of music. It's maby ten years ago, i heard it. But i still feel, how it touched me. This piece of music: -was ± 3 or 4 minutes, -there was no singing, -i heard some musical instruments, which i as i'm not an musician, didn't recognize, -i heard there were not that much musical instruments (like an orchestra does have). I guess there were ± 3 instruments -no violins, -the title was not 'Four Seasons', -and i heard this piece of music on an CD with other pieces of music, which i remember as populair melody's (Beethoven - Für Elise, ectc.). I thought the word 'highlight' is often used for populair melody in classic music. Am i right? Maby it's an very difficult question i'm asking here. So if you mention an other Vivaldi-title in this highlight-category. Well, that will be also an pleasure for my ears. Allready thanks. Greetings from the land of windmills; Holland, Marco
Tanja posts on 3/28/2005 3:09:13 AM Hi I'm from Russia Do you know this country? I hope you do. It's just interesting to communicate with different people and I'm very active girl So I'm waiting for your letters!!!

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