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Sue Trinder is an orphan living in 19th century London. She is being brought up by Mrs. Sucksby, a rough but kind and hard-working woman whose 'family' consists of other orphans and a bunch of petty thieves or 'fingersmiths'. Sue is getting pretty used to this kind of life when one day an acquantaince of the family, whom they call 'Gentleman', comes to her with a proposal to become a servant to a young woman who will inherit a lot of money when she marri...
The Night Watch
Helen, thirty-two, and Vivian, twenty-eight, take smoking breaks on a fire escape outside their office. Helen lives with Julia, a writer, who has a fascinating life filled with TV appearances and a secret past. The women exchange confidences but Helen can't reveal that she is in love with Julia. Vivian also has a dark history that she doesn't talk about. Her younger brother, Duncan, was in some sort of trouble and now lives with an elderly man he calls U...