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This is a very interesting re-telling of the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty", but this is not for children. There are various references to other tales throughout the book. It's part fantasy, part science-fiction, time-travel and saving the world. It's brilliant, I read it at one sitting, I just couldn't put it down. Annette Gisby, author of "Silent Screams"....
The Companions
Jewel Delis, the novel's heroine, is an arkist – a person who strives to preserve what little animal life is left on Earth. Encountering an immense amount of opposition, Jewel is forced to take the dogs she'd been working with for years away from Earth, or they would certainly be destroyed. The planet Moss seems to provide just the right place for a brief relocation until a more permanent solution can be found. But the planet itself has secrets. What ...
The Family Tree
Doris is a mid-thirties modern day cop. She has issues from her upbringing that affect her today. Her hubby is Jared, both married late and now she is realising all he wants her for is as a housekeeper. (Their marriage has never been consumated. Why? This issue is addressed... with sinister reasons!) Jared is rather strange, even threatening, and Doris is nervous of him. Jared tries to remove a stubbon weed from the garden and it attacks him and he e...
The Fresco
Benita Alvarez was just an ordinary woman, working in a bookstore, until one day she meets some aliens in the woods. Suddenly she is thrust into the limelight as the "Intermediary" between the Pistach aliens and the White House. The Pistach base all their culture on a painted Fresco, which due to numerous pilgrims lighting candles in front of it as a sign of respect, it is covered with soot and can no longer be seen clearly. But one day, things become...

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The Visitor
Eos, Apr 2002, 25.95, 416 pp. ISBN: 0380979055 Her older stepsister Rashel, who cares nothing about her except to insure she does not get in her way, raises (a loose verb for Cinderella-like slavery) Disme Latimer following the strange deaths of family members. As Rashel becomes conservator of a renowned Museum, Disme finds a book written by an ancestor that explains the “magic” that followed the asteroid catastrophe that destroyed the plane...

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