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Mayan myth says that the world will end on the winter solstice in 2012. The fate of the world depends on one man, Michael Gabriel. Unfortunately for the world, Gabriel has spent the last decade locked up in a psychiatric hospital by a powerful, and vindictive enemy. It is up to Dominique Vasquez to free Gabriel so he can prevent the destruction of the world, though it is not until much later that they realize the price they will have to pay to do so....
Goliath (Thriller/Action)
Forge, July 2002, 25.95, 416 pp. ISBN 0765303648 Using the most innovative mass destruction weapon ever created will enforce one man's vision of peace. Goliath is a stealth submarine, powered by an artificial intelligence computer called Sorceress. Originally American scientists conceived Goliath, but it was scrapped when a computer virus was introduced into its programming and the schematics disappeared. US Army Captain Gunnar Wolfe took the ...
Goliath (Science Fiction)
The U.S. Navy designed Goliath, a futuristic nuclear stealth submarine the length of a football field in the shape of a giant stingray. But the plans were stolen. The Chinese built the sub covertly, only to have it hijacked by its creator, Simon Covah, a victim of Serbian terrorism who aims to use the sub and its nuclear weapons to dictate his own road map to peace. But the sub's bio chemical computer is programmed with the capacity to learn, and i...
In the book "MEG" Steve Alten tells us how many years ago, on a top secret scientific exploatory dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with an ancient monster too horrifying for his modern mind to contemplate. He was the sole survivor of the creature's wrath that day....

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Meg: Primal Waters
Forge, Jul 2004, 24.95, 368 pp ISBN: 0765308908 Now in his sixties, married to Terry and living in Tampa with her and their two teens, Jonas Taylor feels old and tired as financial sharks surround him demanding payments of past due bills. Jonas nostalgically thinks back to his glory days when he was in his mid forties and captured Angel the prehistoric Megalodon shark that terrorized the Mariana Trench. However, that was the highlight film of h...

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