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Freedom in the Family: A Mother-Daughter Memoir of the Fight for Civil Rights
Best-selling author Tananarive Due, along with her mother Patricia Stephens Due, exposes the ups and downs of the ongoing struggle for equal rights for African-Americans in a society that frequently subjugates them to less-than-first-class status. Mrs. Due was an activist during the turbulent Civil Rights movements of the 50's and 60's. She participated in various sit-ins and jail-ins that sprang up all over the South during the period. Such actions re...
Joplin's Ghost
Phoenix Smalls is a singer on the brink of superstardom. With her father as her manager, and the support of several high-profile producers, the young lady is about the take the music world by storm. There is one hitch, however: she is being haunted by the ghost of legendary ragtime musician Scott Joplin. As a much younger girl, Smalls was struck by a piano once owned by Joplin. This event starts the association between the singer and the long-dead ra...
The Black Rose
"The Black Rose" is a superb fictional account of the life of Madame C.J. Walker, the first black woman who attain millionaire status in America. The book uses dramatic settings, interesting characters compiled from the real people in Walker's life, and dynamic and captivating prose to keep the reader glued to the pages....
The Good House
Angela Toussaint begins life in the small town of Sacajawea, Washington, being raised by a loving grandmother and a somewhat unstable mother. Grandmother is liked by the community for her "healing" abilities. They live in what was formerly referred to as "The Goode House", named for its original owner. Upon graduation from high school Angela leaves the comfort of her home, gaining a college degree, becoming a lawyer and, finally, a successful enterta...

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The Living Blood
Due's sequel to her best-selling "My Soul to Keep" continues the story of Jessica Wolde, her daughter "Fana", and the mysterious powers given them by Jessica's estranged (and centuries-old) husband, David. With the addition of a subplot involving another doctor in search of "the living blood," as well as others in pursuit of Wolde and her clan, the story lags at times but is still a fairly good summer read....

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