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Cruise Control
Paul's brother is retarded. No, more than retarded. He sits in his wheelchair all day and drools and makes an "ahhhhhhh" sound. Paul loves him, but hates him at the same time. They family is broken up because of his brother Shawn. Dad left. He abandoned the family and left them all on their own. Paul will never forgive that. But as the story progresses, Paul realizes that even though Shawn may not understand him, or understand love, he will try to love...
Stuck in Neutral
Shawn is a normal teenage boy. He likes girls, he likes music and television. However, there is one thing about him that's special: he is physically incapable of movement. He can't move his legs, arms, mouth, eyes, toes or anything. He can't move at all. He sits there drooling in his wheelchair. The world looks at him as mentally retarded, simply because he looks different and can't speak or move. On the contrary, he is more intelligent than most people....