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asia posts on 1/21/2010 10:53:02 AM as a special education major, i was once been tasked to do a book review about a book with a story line of that wih special children. that's when i pulled trueman's book from one of the bookstore shelves i visited.. the story was truly moving, touching my inner self. the book was truly a masterpiece.
Joycelyn posts on 7/21/2007 2:28:50 PM this book was touching and the emotion were wihheld with joy. i love terry truemen and the way she expresses her feelings. if only i could be like her. oh how wish to be so moving.
wes posts on 2/20/2007 1:12:31 PM the book really makes you think about yourself. if that boy can put up with the world with no voice and can never be heard, what do we beat ourselves up about when little things piss us off.

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