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A Falcon Flies
A Falcon Flies takes you into the depths of Africa in a story about slavery....
Assegai is a story of intrigue, hunting, love and war in British colonial Africa. Leon Courtney is a young ex-army officer turned professional hunter, whose task eventually becomes to prevent British ruled countries in Africa from becoming German ruled countries. The story is set in pre-World War I British East Africa. Leon leaves the army after a foray with the Nandi tribe and after his first meeting with Lusima Mama, who is a Masai sangoma or witch d...
Birds of Prey
Hal Courtney comes of age and proving his worth fighting alonside his father and Captain, Sir Francis Courtney. Set abord a fighting English trading vessel, there is no shortage of action as the crew fight for England against the Dutch and for gold and what's right against pirates. ...
Eagle in the Sky
David Morgan, is left as the sole heir to the multi-million dollar Morgan Empire after his parents die in a car accident. He inherits the money but refuses to take over the reins of the his fathers empire. He is constantly seeling out new adventure. Against everybodys advice he had become a fighter pilot in the RAF but had to leave his commission on its expiry. Now he wants to fly again. He decides to drive through Europe in search of adventure and...

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The Burning Shore
Basically a girl loses her fiance on their wedding day, she gets stranded in the nambian desertin africa and must survive. She manages, and then finds new love. Then the story comes to a usual Smith ending....

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