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Carole Tucker posts on 1/1/2012 Carole Tucker has just written a review of Assegai which you can see here
CHinkson posts on 1/1/2012 CHinkson has just written a review of Warlock which you can see here
Sofie posts on 8/27/2011 5:34:25 PM Hi I would also like to know if anyone has information on whether Smith will write a sequel to Blue Horizan? I have not been able to find out my self.

Peter Carragher posts on 5/17/2011 3:33:59 PM Hello Wilbur,I have just finished For Those In Peril,it is a really good yarn,just like the old Wilbur from the 60s and 70s,the only comment I would make is that the C-130 HERCULES,does not normally have contra rotating props maybe you are getting confused with the new Airbus A400M,but it does have reverse pitch for slowing down,and taxying backwards.Keep writing,I am the same age as you almost,I think you are doing a marvellous job.Many Regards.Peter Carragher.(UK.SUFFOLK)
Michael Twigg posts on 4/9/2011 9:23:54 AM I have the Courtney series (8 Off books) When the Lion Feeds through to Golden Fox. Smith is outstanding using a framework of factual history, geography and politics into which he weaves his fiction (albeit sometimes stretched) creating characters which you feel actually exist. Any thoughts welcome as to what to read next - as I open 'Birds of Prey' ..... His books provoke a desire to achieve, enjoy and respect the good things in life imo.
Espen posts on 2/4/2011 1:20:29 AM Does anyone have information if he plans to close the obvious gap between Blue Horizon and When the lion feeds.Its 130 years to fill there:))
taylorman posts on 12/4/2010 11:22:16 PM By far my favourites of any writer are the 5 Courtneys of Africa- must reads before you die: -The Burning shore -Power of the sword -Rage -Golden Fox -A time to die Although Golden Fox was written before A time to die it predates it chronologically. You should read When the Lions Feeds, The Sound of Thunder and A sparrow falls first as they predate and are linked to the 5 above- all 3 also a riveting read. Then I like the Egyptian set- The River God (my fave of all his books) The Seventh scroll and Warlock. As far as I'm concerned they end there. I just dont get the Quest as much. Equally next is Birds of Prey, Monsoon and blue Horizon- Wilbur at his best though I thought the final battles in Blue Horizon was difficult to follow. The best description I have heard of Wilbur Smith is you can almost smell everything as though you were there the detail is so real and riveting. Ive not found another like him. For me best stand alone novel was The Sunbird.
Richard Hetland posts on 10/11/2010 12:36:49 PM Is there a consensus as to which of Wilbur Smith's books is the best?
De posts on 5/14/2010 8:25:07 AM I agree with Dave; that trilogy of Courtney adventure was the highlight of Smith's 32 books. Another please!
Steven Wilson posts on 5/10/2010 8:19:32 PM Those that dont like Assegai should get over it. Its still Wilbur, Oh gee his style may have changed a little over time! Go Figure.
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