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An Ice-Cream War
"An Ice-Cream War" is the story of American, German, and British lives in Eastern Africa turned upside down by World War I. European and American settlers in Eastern Africa, once friendly neighbors, reluctantly turned to enemies. The background of the novel is the amazing success of German lieutenant colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck (not much portrayed in the story), who commanded Germany's tiny, undersupplied African force (mostly African soldiers). He ...
Any Human Heart
Logan Mountstuart keeps a journal, from his school days in 1923 through his death in 1991. Throughout his life, he writes, loves, works with fine art, and spies. He also meets the best of the best: Picasso, Hemingway, Ian Fleming, as they work through their careers. It is an interesting study of a life that seems so real, yet we know it is fictional....
Brazaville Beach
Brazaville Beach is the story of a female research in biological/geological fields. The story is told through several flashbacks and is divided between her meeting and marrying her husband, a brilliant mathematical scientist and her subsequent move to a remote job researching behavioural patterns of Chimpanzees in Africa. The story is ostensibly that of how the protagonist comes to terms with her new life and the problems she faces with her dislike ...