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jessica hill posts on 6/25/2009 7:00:09 PM dear Amanda Ashley i love to ready your books about 2 years ago when i began reading then one night when i couldnt sleep a day dream can to me and i like it so i wrote it down and kept on writting and writting. i stop writting when my house caught fire may 30 2008... almost a year later i began writting again now i have over 200 pages and about 35 chapter!!!! i feel it in my bones that this story is amazing and good enough to get attation from the world!!!!!!!!! so can u plez give me some advice on what to do? i know i wont be good as you but i think i can be better then at least on writter in the world
Bree posts on 3/31/2005 2:08:19 AM will there be a second part to any of your books you have writen?
Bree posts on 3/30/2005 2:16:46 AM i love A Whisper of Eternity its the greatest book i wish Amanda writes another book like a second part saying what happened to the them well i hope she still keeps writing books there great

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