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posts a message on 6/3/2006 12:48:06 AM Makes me crazy when people claim this! The official name of the Mormon church is THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS How is that not Christian? I'm not saying Mormon's are the only Christians, that is ridiculous, but if Christianity is the belief in and worship of Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer of manking, the only begotten of our Heavenly Father....than Mormon's are as Christian as the Catholics, the Baptists, the Protestants and any other Christian some research people!
just a guy posts a message on 2/15/2006 9:48:01 PM There is no need for all the profane things in this movie, but it is a graphic portrayal of the consequences of the homosexual lifestyle. Kushner has brilliantly championed what hollywood celebs and homosexuals deeply desire--he has tried to make homosexuality seem acceptable and beautiful (which it is not), he has equated mormonism with Christianity (which they are not), he has tried to remove God from all human experience--the irony is that Jesus Christ suffered more than any of the immoral characters in this film, He knows what pain is and yet Kushner's God is one who cannot even empathize with those suffering in this film. Kushner is a very skilled playwright and screenplay writer, and he has written a great critique of American culture, but his worldview and philosophical understanding of the culture lack any concept of grace--that is, forgiveness of sin by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.
LL Pecunes posts a message on 1/22/2005 8:44:07 PM Had to turn off...made it through part of chapter 3 couldn't last any longer...what was the storyline. I know it won a ton of awards but just don't get it

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