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farrah posts on 1/24/2009 3:44:39 AM Again may i know what was the caused of Fynn death?
John S posts on 1/11/2009 11:56:54 AM Anna was never discussed by Syd at Finchden. The book was published after the place closed down in 1973. A couple of years ago a lady from Poland made contact, asking the same questions. Syd's widow preferred to keep a low profile.
farrah posts on 1/10/2009 8:34:29 PM Fynn,is really a very talented one.Yes Jonh i also want to hear if he ever told you about Anna,he surely did mention it to anyone that get close to him,Is there any alive relatives of him that can be ask about the short stay of Anna?

Nigel C. Fortune posts on 1/9/2009 9:35:10 AM Hi John, Thank you for your post that is really interesting. Did Syd often share the stories of Anna with you when you were at Finchden Manor? Reading the books it is obvious that she had a major impact on his life. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts.
farrah posts on 1/9/2009 8:46:17 AM Thank you for the info.,It help me a lot to visualize Syd life to created something that many people will love.Im sorry to hear that you do not believe in God,but i will respect you for it.But if you will study yourself,your own design,you will surely believe theres God.Perhaps there would be no keyboard to type in,if there is no particular person that think with this design.,like our own design there is Somebody,that think to design us to be a human being .It just my opinion.But thanks a lot for posting a lot of help to me.
John S posts on 1/7/2009 2:53:32 PM Glad to be of help. I cannot honestly say if Anna was real. I do know that Syd, as a teenager and young adult, lived in the East End of London in the early 1930s, when neighbours really cared for and helped each other, whatever the deprivation or poverty. He was drawn towards the politics of Oswald Mosley, and for a time became one of his elite Blackshirt Bodyguard, offering physical protection as Mosley strutted around the Jewish districts of London espousing his fascist views. However, Syd eventually realized this particular course in life was condoning gratuitous violence (which he once revelled in) and his militancy led him to being brought to the notice of the police and magistrates courts and eventual referral to Finchden Manor, where he turned his life around and dedicated his efforts into helping similarly damaged young teenagers. I met Syd when I was sent to Finchden as a 14 year old - he was on the staff and due to an earlier serious injury walked around on his knees. This was taken as completely normal by us all. Syd was generous with his time and talents, which were many and varied. He was programming computers in the late 1950s, he could play a mean boogey-woogey on the piano, but could knock out a Chopin etude just as effectively! Was Anna real? That's the big question. Whatever the true answer, it cannot be denied that Fynn has managed to touch the hearts and minds of thousands of people all over the world with his story. I was brought up as a Catholic. Now, aged 59, I do not believe in God, but I DO believe that Anna could have met Syd and that their short relationship was true. My thoughts turn to the story of Saint Christopher carrying Jesus across the river. It may not have happened, but it easily could have ...
farrah posts on 1/7/2009 7:22:53 AM thank you john for the detail,,it still nice to know the face of the author's book that you loved.And hope there is a chance of seeing anna's pic too,though im not expecting it.
Nigel C. Fortune posts on 1/6/2009 1:16:42 PM Hi John, Thanks for the information. I wonder can you tell me if you know if Anna was buried at the East London Cemetery in Plaistow, east London? Its just one of the many rumours floating round the net and as you knew Syd, i wondered weather or not if you would know? Thanks in advance.
John S posts on 1/6/2009 9:37:25 AM Syd Hopkins aka Fynn can be seen in the finchden manor site Mr Lyward's Website. Click on the photographs link and go to the third picture of Christmas in the Oak Room. Syd is second from the right, having a cigarette lit for him. I knew Syd from 1964 until his death - he was a truly remarkable man and I'm glad his books have such a following long after his demise.
farrah posts on 1/4/2009 1:02:21 PM oh,thank you really like his book,
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