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We're told that Elves eventually faded from the scene after the third age, and that the period after that became the "age of men". Presumably we're supposed to think that over time Middle Earth became the Earth we know; maybe Arnor became Europe, Harad separated and became Africa, Mordor became Newark, etc. If so, what happened to the hobbits?

Were they wiped out in a plague (perhaps a foot and mouth disease?). Did men take up hunting them for sport? Did they get special visas to go to Elf-heaven? Aragorn himself decreed that Men weren't to enter the Shire, out of fear that the fragile hobbits would be wiped out; in effect, the Shire became like an Indian reservation. But did Hobbits suffer the same fate as the Indians?

posts on 5/14/2006 12:20:55 PM hey who cares? tolkiens world is that of fiction. leave it alone.
kristenskywalker posts on 2/11/2006 4:41:40 PM Maybe they're all the midgets who played in the Wizard of Oz. I read that they weren't very social and that it was hard to get an interview with them. I know that's not true, but hey it sounds good.
Burrahobbit posts on 2/9/2006 11:05:15 PM I seem to recall some mention of "hobbits now" being smaller and shyer and more spread out and not as many. But I can't remember where. Perhaps the "Concerning Hobbits" at the beginning

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