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san posts on 5/2/2011 11:12:25 PM does any one know the title of the barbara cartland book as described by Karen posts on 2/27/2005 10:53:24 AM
Melissa posts on 11/4/2009 9:50:16 AM It's one of Barbara Cartland's book, but I can't remember the title. The story was about the hero saw a girl walking out from a pub and collapsed. The girl works in the pub as a waitress and the hero (a doctor)took the girl home because the only exit road from the town is blocked by snow. The girl got bad fever due to the hard and long working hours to pay up the bills, taxes, etc. The girls' condition worsen and the hero took care of her.....that is all I can remember as the beginning part of the book.....can anyone help????
Robin posts on 11/12/2007 11:03:27 PM There is a Marquis who has a little girl that he thinks is his, who is mentally challenged. They come to live at his country home that is in disrepair. There is a girl who lives on the property and he catches her stealing some fruit (pears I think) and he thinks she is at least 12 years old. He has her come to the house and play with his daughter. In the end the mentally challenged girl dies from an accident and the little girl reveals that she is 18. What is the name of that book?

Anonymous posts on 2/23/2007 4:47:33 PM please help, she marries realizes her illegitimit son Toby? is still alive.She leaves husband because she is being blackmailed. does this sound at all familiar?
posts on 9/4/2006 4:19:45 AM What is name of Cartland novel: nobleman with mistress needs to marry. Mistress approves of mousey girl. When couple goes to Paris, while being mouse around husband during day, by night is transformed into beauty (?name of Desiree?) When they return to England, he confesses love for the beauty and she reveals self.
posts on 8/9/2006 6:06:56 PM Dear Karen: The story is not in India but in Spain. The book is called " the castle make for love" I love the book very much too. Good luck finding it.
Linda posts on 3/8/2006 6:06:41 AM Hi, Tryin to remember a book that i read years ago.. its abt a titled family who sells their home to a new Duke, who fought in a war. Someone tries to kill the Duke and the oldest girl in the family comes to his rescue by using the secret passages in her old home. Or something along those lines... I htink it was a Barbara Cartland book. Kindly help...
Karen posts on 2/27/2005 10:53:24 AM Greetings to B.C. Fan's, I'm looking for a book that I can only remeber small parts of.. The herione disguises herself as a boy in India I think by dying her skin, and helps the Hero through some difficulty. At the end the girl some how gets back to England with her Grandparents, hero shows up and wants to marry her but feels they have to wait until she is old enough. When he learns that she is eighteen he sweeps her off her feet etc etc...Thanks for the help.

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