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Charlotte posts on 1/30/2006 3:46:25 PM I am looking for some more of Bertrice Small's books (I am a new reader of hers and have fallen for her books) and an auction I am looking on says "Book Club Editons". Is there a difference in these books?
Biggest Fan posts on 12/8/2005 2:45:55 PM I think the first book I read by Bertrice Small was, All The Sweet Tommorrows, and of course Skye O'Malley followed. Since then every single book I could find by her was greedly read and then horded to be read over and over again. I believe my favorite book by Mrs.Small would have to be, and this is a hard choice,Love Wild and Fair. I would love to hear your favorites.
Cynthia posts on 11/5/2005 12:18:37 AM Where can I find a family tree for Blaze Wyndam, Skye O'Malley, Jasmine and so on... Thank you

Audrey Deavellar posts on 4/27/2005 5:02:17 PM I am not sure if I missed a volume in Bertrice Small's newest trilogy. I have "Rosamunde" and "Until You." Can anybody tell me if I missed the third one or is it just not out yet?
Lynn posts on 2/18/2005 4:24:29 PM Hello...anyone out is BERTRICE SMALL not Beatrice !! I have been a reader since the very beginning !! I am glad you all enjoy her writing as I do , I just wanted to correct you since it is written wrong all over the posting !! Thanks for letting me post! Lynn

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