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Kimberly Bucchan posts on 3/10/2006 12:16:02 PM Dear Mr Kerik: I just finished reading your book! I loved it I find your story so inspirational and uplifting. It's people like yourself that make the world a better place. I have passed on the Lost Son to a friend and I'm sure she will be pleased. Thank you for sharing your story.
Christie D posts on 4/20/2005 8:05:13 PM Hey Bernie. As you may have read the name , I am your cousin. Well I am Hala's cousin. We were assigned to read a book for a report and Justin came home from your house with two copies that you signed. I decided to read your book for my report. I loved it. I love you. I hope you don't feel depressed all the time when you think about the past. And when you have that dream again...just think of the people who are in your life...and think about how successful you turned out to be.
Lynda D Hense posts on 2/17/2005 10:25:15 AM Mr.Kerik, just finished reading your book "The Lost Son" and thought it was a fantastic read. Offered it to my son to read, my son was on the D.C. Police Dept. He has it now. As a young boy, like you, being a policeman was his dream, too. While reading your "life", as a mother and fellow American, I could feel your emotions, good and bad. I've never met you but want you to know that I'm so very proud of you, you are a credit and inspiration to the human race. 100% man. Sorry you had to leave the appointment with D.C. for Home Security, what an asset you would of been. In your private moments, just remember, you were the "RIGHT CHOICE". Good luck to you and your family and may you always know that you are a hero in my eyes. Keep on keeping on. With admiration, Lynda

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