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Howard Bluestone posts on 6/29/2011 9:21:03 PM I've just finished "Foreign Influence", my first Brad Thor book. I am very impressed at how the story flowed. Being originally from Chicago's north side the references to the Devon Ave. area made the read almost personal. This is going to make a wonderful movie. Please let us know when. I'll be there opening night. Thanks for a very good "read".
dvinette posts on 10/12/2009 7:33:21 PM Brad Thor's first 7 books were simply great. I was disappointed with The Last Patriot and even more so with The Apostle. The plot with the President resigning is simply ridiculous. Comme on Brad, would this happen in real life. As with our hero 'Scot', I believe we were at page 180 before we got a little taste of action. Moreover, the sentence structure is not the same as in your first 7 books (but the same as with TLP). Stop with the fillers, get to the point and go back to the fast-paced action that I was so enchanted with. I just could not get enough of your earlier work. With TA, I got so bored with 'having tea' that I skipped useless paragraph that added nothing to the plot. What is going on with you. In the acknowledgments of one of your books, you said that writers needed to have their bullshit proof vests because readers would see through that. OK, now I am imploring you to go back to the basics. Please don't let your readers down again. p.s. I know you are not going to post this message but at least I will have had the satisfaction of saying what I thought of your latest book. Get real!!!!
C T brown posts on 8/22/2009 2:57:05 PM I have read and enjoyed all of your novels. However, several irreverent passages in 'The Apostle' describing the president appears to be directed toward our sitting President. That, plus the comments made in the Glen Beck interview, makes me wonder if your patriotism is intended to speak only to those who share your political views. I read for the pleasure of losing myself in a good action story. If you feel the need to express your politics in your writings, I will move on in my choice of favored authors.

Jacquie Rusk posts on 1/21/2008 6:41:08 AM I am stupefied! How can you possibly glean all the information you do! It is 4:30 a.m., and I should be transcribing doctor's notes since I have been a medical transcriptionist for 10 years, and, unfortunately, this is not going to be a holiday for me. I am almost finished reading "Takedown," after having read three of your other books this past week. I am truly amazed at the quality of your writing - such detail! Two corrections: supersede, not supercede (everyone spells this wrong) and "put through the wringer," not ringer. I would love to be a proofreader re. your next publication. I was married to an FBI agent for 28 years, so my creds are good. Thank you for feeding me such worthwhile material - especially the humor. Back to the docs. It's going to be a long day. I'll blame you.

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