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posts on 5/25/2006 5:14:21 AM I have an exam on this tomorrow. Im kinda screwed so does anyone want to help me out? It would be much appreciated! Thanx! Andru
Lora posts on 3/3/2005 4:47:55 PM so anyone got nay views for hugh's final speech? i have a few good ideas its just for the end of my coursework! also anyone know any goodcitical views to evaulate the ideals within the play?! thanks! plz reply asap!!
Dick Fitzgerald posts on 2/23/2005 11:13:52 PM What is the name of this play , and hwhere wd. I get a copy of it?

Ryan posts on 2/16/2005 6:34:16 AM where can I find character studies of the characters in Translations, mainly Owen
tramoedians posts on 2/5/2005 1:31:27 PM Hi! We are the tramoedians, an actors group, and we are going to act "Philadephia, here i am" next weekend and we want to greet all fans of Brian!
apple posts on 1/31/2005 3:42:05 PM wat different forms does the gathering of people take in act 1? the class assembling for their lesson at the hedge school Owen's homecoming
josh kelly posts on 1/25/2005 6:15:37 AM hi, i'm writing a coursework essay on the subject above and would be grateful if you could help me. thanks very much, katie x

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