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Donna posts on 6/17/2005 6:47:50 PM Marshall, I believe you have quite an imagination, and you stating your profession is hardly likely. I would hope, that just what your postings have proven, that you have no contact with children what so ever.
reddche posts on 6/17/2005 4:37:32 PM Sad Marshall but I would not want you teaching any child with what you have just written. Can't you take a joke when someone is writing as a joke. I will be certain to say a special prayer for you and light a candle too.
Marshall posts on 6/16/2005 9:00:55 PM Donna ~ It's funny, but I'm a high school English special education teacher! Yes, we relate beautifully :) I see how it makes more sense to want to 'BE' one of his cows-duh! I read alienist/killing time/angel...but was not compelled to read his new Holmes project ~ just because he showed off his own mountain? Like it's never been done? Who isn't disgusted with what society has become? Who wouldn't love live in a place they find paradise? If the whack job cow lady knew anything about him, or ever read his stuff she'd have a clue how he feels about the net. Quote from Wired, “At least TV tries to check stuff out. Look, the Internet is basically a tool for buying things and for pornography. When it becomes more than that, it will become extremely dangerous.” Good luck hearing from the author, unless he's scared you'll hunt him down... He probably already has some stalkers so join the club. Anyways ~ PHRRRRRRRRTTT!!! Get over yourself freaks.

tonya posts on 6/16/2005 12:01:14 PM hehehehehehehe... wow heffer's? hahahahaha! someone is being naughty... i'm tellin santa! final comment unless i hear from the author.. hahah.. buy all of his books he may need the extra cash to feed all those heffer's.. see ya on the dark side people love, peace and chicken grease..
Donna posts on 6/16/2005 10:21:38 AM Marshall why don't you put your energies to something useful and productive such as helping other mentally handicapped persons such as yourself. I don't care to get into a pissing match with someone who evidently has the IQ of a brick. No challenge. You're not worth the 60 seconds it took me to post this. Piss off.
Marshall posts on 6/16/2005 9:39:27 AM donna, i thought it was a typo - be/buy- you're probably one of the horny middle aged women who wants to 'Be' one of his hippie heiffer herd. retarded just seemed to fit the bill.
reddche posts on 6/14/2005 11:34:35 AM I saw the interveiw on CBS Sunday Morning and Carr is and intellegent human being. I will read the book one day. Read your Bible and the story line for the world has already been written. Man is destoying his ownself. AMEN
tonya posts on 6/13/2005 1:42:40 PM Donna, thank you for calling attention to Marshalls post. I never said I wanted to buy a cow nor am I retarded but maybe a wee bit silly. I think Mr.Carr can speak for himself dont you? haha! I will say it again, I would not mind being one of his cows.. Figure that one out! hahah! He loves his cows.. does he not? They live in the country, get fed, loved on and have a remarkable owner. So.. put that in your brain and think about it! Back to my packing, moving to Scotland UK, home of the haggis eaters! NOT COWS! TAKE CARE READERS.. ENJOY Caleb's work!
Donna posts on 6/13/2005 1:06:05 PM Marshall, if you'd read the text, rather than running through it at the speed of sound so you may post your personal opinion, there is no mention of anyone wishing to purchase a cow. The fact that you choose to use the word 'retarded' has me questioning your own mental capabilities.
marshall posts on 6/11/2005 1:38:55 PM what is the deal with the lady who wants to buy his cow? what is SHE going to do with it? i too saw the article on sunday morning-it had 'goodness' as always, but i don't think he intended it to be an open invitation...he has a new book hello. avoiding freaks like that would be my prime objective, as even opening up a small part of his life has brought more book buyers, but also a slew of horny middle aged women. it's actually sort of funny, like they just want to start reading his books because he's single. how retarded.
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