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Maureen Fenniak posts on 9/7/2005 11:23:39 PM Harriet Klausner's review of Carol Hebald's memoir appears to find fault with what to my mind, is the books most powerful aspect, and that is the manner through which she acheives a powerful syncopation between narrative form, and content. To describe Hebald's narrative style as: "all over the place with the influences in her life turning her autobio somewhat into a NYC rush hour train" - betrays to my mind, a tin ear. This is a powerful, intelligent and couragous book. Klausner's brittle review (why "abuse" in scare quotes, I wonder?) is the perfect echo to the very themes Hebald addresses in her work, which much be surmised as the cruely and arrogance of the too-rational and consequently, complacent - mind.

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