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Lemony Snicket posts on 1/29/2006 9:35:31 AM I claim this land lemony snicket's ad kids everywhere go there please to his message board across the river over the mountains where freedom rings where life is fun and woeful where anything can happen very teary where your life will never be the same. Where it is so woeful that you feel so woeful you drown your town before you can begin a reply on your very miserable tpe writer as the miserable woeful tale of the bauldelaire orphans story is just being ended with the general public. Where some new books may come out. Where waiters say i didn't realize this was a sad occasion and where library keepers say have you been good to your mother, And where notetaking skills, inventing skills, biting skills, and reading skills unite to see toward the miserable coded lives of these three woeful young children just as the books end. I am not forcing you to stay here or there and chat about the sad miserable books... but I have dedicated my life to writing the bauldelaires. You can stay to see the end. Although I have been there for them since the beginning because I am Lemony Snicket I will also join my other chat sites if I can now you know.

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