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m.f. posts on 11/27/2008 8:34:30 PM I knew caroline thru my work, saw her here and there, in front of her house, walking her dog. Nice girl, but very much a recluse who seemed afraid of people,no offence, but she was still working thru the problems in her head it seemed to me.
posts on 5/21/2006 2:11:59 PM Caroline Knapp was a truly remarkable individual with so much love to give and share. In her short time after recovering from alcohol and other issues she was working through, she gave us her love, wisdom, strength, and hope in her written word. I have never read an author that has touched my soul like Caroline has. Everyday I think about her, her life, and her legacy. Caroline, even though you are not here in the physical form, you will always be with me in the spiritual form. When I re-read sections of her books, they tend to always be fresh, alive, and as if I have never read them before. God speaks and teaches us through people. Caroline, you have given me the two most important lessons for my own alcohol and emotional recovery hope and love. I hope Caroline's twin sister, Dr. Rebecca Knapp, continues her sister's legacy by being a voice for Caroline's struggles.

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