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Joe Chavez posts on 1/1/2012 Joe Chavez has just written a review of Choke which you can see here
Joe Chavez posts on 1/1/2012 Joe Chavez has just written a review of Survivor which you can see here
MikeFoe posts on 1/29/2010 5:15:10 AM Does anyone know where I can Find/Get one of the blow-up penguins that Chuck Palahniuk gave out on his book tour? Please help, Will pay for one. My girl LOVES penguins and LOVES Chuck Palahniuk !! She saw him at a bookstore giving them out and didnt get one, I would really like to find her one. THANK YOU, Mike

r posts on 12/8/2008 4:01:51 PM victor is being stoned because when he was on television everyone started talking about how they saved him from choking to death in some restaurant, consequently they started talking to each other about it and used denny's rocks to punish him for being an asshole. hope that helped.
Anonymous posts on 11/21/2007 1:45:52 PM does anyone understand the end to the book where he is being stoned
posts on 8/27/2006 7:43:57 AM well i sort of have to write book notes about fight club, and i was just wondering if anyone knew the exact time and place of the setting and stuff?
posts on 6/30/2006 11:22:49 AM Chuck is the best author ever! I love how his books haunt you by day, and stalk you by night! My favorite book of his is Survivor.
Anna Licona posts on 8/28/2005 9:05:49 AM I just finished this bizarre book and wonder if anyone else read it and what they thought about it.
jimbo_icedmocha posts on 8/22/2005 4:50:24 PM Reading lullabye for the second time. I wish I could be the person in charge of casting if this movie was to be made. I would make Nash Roy Biggins from the tv sitcom Wings. t

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