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posts on 7/20/2006 11:46:54 PM Hi Cory, I read your book The Shadow Kingdom quite a while ago and only briefly remember it.I also remember enjoying it, and was going to look out for more of your books. But time has flown and i discovered on ebay you have more books out. Mainly to understand your book i would like to know where do i start? I looked up your website and didn't find an official website and was a little confused as to what book to begin with.. I really want to know where to start reading your books, so if you could kindly email to me i would appreciate that. Also i was hoping you can tell me when the next brisbane writers group convention is? I hope to be a part of it next year. i'm currently doing a novel writing course and my passion is fantasy. I used to live (for 30 years) on the northside of Brisbane until i moved 2 hours away a few years ago. I hope to hear from you as to where i start reading your books, and hopefully get them from Pulp Fiction in Brissie. Kindest Regards, Jennifer Kelly

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