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Lipa Kaufman posts on 2/7/2006 2:29:24 PM Any suspense novel Darian would like to write. I'd like to see a novel exploring the secrets layered deeply within the Torah. Perhaps, the epiphany of a Jewish astrophysicist; a protege of Carl Sagan, who has studied cosmology and is facinated by theories tracing our origins back to the moment of the creation of the universe. It is not until this young man changes his life's course and goes to Yeshiva, immerses himself in study, and finds clues in the Talmud that only a theoretical scientist such as he would realize have been laying for thousands of years, waiting to be be uncovered. These clues, some of which Einstein used to develop his theory of relativity, lead him to understand the secret to the origin of the universe - a secret that not only solves the evolution vs. creation conflict, but forever changes the course of history.

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