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posts on 8/1/2006 12:46:14 PM yes i loved firebringer in firebringer it's either williow elion or blindweed i can't decide
posts on 8/1/2006 11:12:28 AM Mine is Palla. Have you read Firebringer too? Is so who was everyone's favourite character in that?
posts on 8/1/2006 11:06:36 AM It's been a while since i read the book all the way through but i think larka

posts on 8/1/2006 10:29:14 AM What website? Who was everyone's favourite character? Mine was Fell, because he is dark like Mirkwood.
posts on 8/1/2006 8:52:29 AM How do you get to that website yall were talking about?
posts on 7/30/2006 8:14:03 AM Can someone please come on line! There is no one to talk to!
posts on 7/26/2006 5:17:59 PM Your right, it's all about mental disiplin...kind of. Have you read Firebringer too? If so, which was you favourite?
posts on 7/26/2006 4:31:27 PM One of the lessons in The Sight, I believe, is to learn to let go of someone or something that was in the past. Morgra, for example, let her past consume her until she became what she was in The Sight. It is true, many characters died in the tale, but compare Larka's story to that of the real world. What the pack experienced, some people are experiencing. When there's life, there's death. I ramble...I take my leave. Aljan
posts on 7/26/2006 2:53:33 PM I know, but its still rather depressing, after you've got kind of attached to the characters whilst reading a book like that.
posts on 7/26/2006 9:17:10 AM There are many reasons why the main characters died. Like in the Sight when Larka died, Kar was still able to go on because he knew that Larka was with him. In Firebringer Ronnoch lived a full life as leader of the herd and he died so that he could be young again and run with the herla forever. P.E.
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