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Gail Vricella posts on 5/23/2005 3:29:21 PM Death Takes a Honeymoon is the 4th installment in the Wedding Planner Mystery Series by Deborah Donnelly. My opinion is that it's the BEST yet. I love the fact that it took the characters outside of Seattle into a new setting for murder and mayhem. Taking Carneige "on location" should be something that happens more often. The "on location" descriptions and the descriptions of the characters involoved with this particular wedding were excellent and entralling. The mystery and intruge kept me going- I found it hard to put down once I was reading. It is definitely a "page-turner". As for the stunning cliff hanger ending- I say BRAVO DEBORAH!! I loved it. Being a big fan of this series, I'm invested in the characters as much as anyone and I found it to be a brilliant way to go. I did NOT feel cheated at all. I love getting involved with the characters and having something to look forward to in the next book- and this doesn't "leave you hanging"- instead it intices you and intrigues you and gives you something to think about as you wait for the next book to come out. Keeps you involved with the characters- instead of shelving them until the next book-which has to work at reinteresting you in the characters. I'm already interested and because of this will stay interested. Do not take it as a personal attack- take it as a leap of faith. Once again I say- READ THIS BOOK- ENJOY THIS BOOK AND FEEL WHAT THE CHARACTERS FEEL-GO WITH IT- IT'S WORTH THE JOURNEY. I loved it and so will you.

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