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Tony de Villiers posts on 10/1/2009 6:53:56 AM Hi. I have just finished The Baltic Gambit which I enjoyed, being a bit of a "fundi" on the subject of Copenhagen. I am now awaiting "King, Ship and Sword" with eager anticipation! One thing puzzles me however. With such thorough research in terms of the period of these novels, especially that of the language and terminology, it's a pity "moldern Americanism creeps in from time to time and unbalances things. The Brits don't use "drapes", they have curtains.They don't "write" some one, they "write to" someone and the word "gotten" was never used, and still is not in pure English.It is a word only to be found in America. So why does Mr Lambdin let this type of flaw creep into his fine work? Pity.

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