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Dan Moran posts a message on 11/29/2005 2:20:47 PM Many viewers and critics point out the "bad" film elements of this movie, like shots or dialogue that do not seem to have a purpose, or the lack of a dynamic plot. These things actually make the movie better, in that it gives an organic and realistic feel. In 70s films, it was harder to predict what would happen, because there was not yet an obsession with making everything a blockbuster, packing it with one-liners that could be used as hooks in the previews, or coming out with a great soundtrack. If this movie was remade now, it would actually be terrible, because it would try to be "good" in all of the ways of modern action films, when in fact that is not the point. We have a man who is neither hero nor anti-hero, but simply an individual with dreams who discovers that it is difficult to reach those dreams even with considerable talent. He is not entirely likeable, yet we can often sympathize when we see him faced with various difficulties (a home/family that is worlds away from being able to comprehend anything about who he is; a teammate who glories in the spotlight but who complains, when the spotlight shifts, that such behavior runs counter to the team spirit; waiting for a woman who said she'd try to see him, constantly wondering how long he should wait or whether he should be angry or worried). It's more complex, realistic, and unpredictable than most people give it credit for. And almost every character has many layers and subtleties--yes, even the seemingly in-your-face-selfish main man. It's definitely worth watching, and even approaches artistic greatness at times.

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