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Elizabeth Gilligan posts on 11/14/2006 6:36:02 AM thank you all for being a member of my fan club. i soon will be leaving this earth for home. i can take a few of you, please blog me under 300 words as to why it should be you. you must be fertile, flexible, 3 testicles preferred and large (over 300lbs). i will only reply to serious inquires.
diane posts on 10/30/2005 1:00:37 AM what is the title of book 2 to silken magic #2. I could not find it at barnes and nobles...any suggestions?
Elaine posts on 3/31/2005 7:53:32 AM When is the next book ( #3) in the Silken Magic series going to come out? I loved the first and second one and can't wait for the third.

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