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hugh fisher posts on 8/23/2008 7:19:07 PM An astounding book. Full of courage and hope despite the sadness and abuse. Made me cry many times. I couldn't put the book down. And Elizabeth played Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata at age 12 ! She's a truly amazing person of many talents. Congratulations Elizabeth. You are a wonderful person.
Debbie posts on 8/22/2008 12:09:02 AM I have read this book about 8 years ago and being a Korean of a mature age, I have no doubt Elizabeth's mother was killed by her own family. Koreans are in general, even now likely to be supportive of marriages from the same background. I was told from very early on to marry a korean and produce Korean child.....even though I have lived most of my life abroad!
debbie posts on 6/17/2008 11:37:10 AM To Hannah, I did not state "there are no human rights abuses in Israel." That would be an extremely naive claim to make. I wrote that "honor killing" is not practised in Israel, and I meant among the Jewish population. However, it is and always has been practised in the Arab community in Israel, as it is in all Arab countries that I know of (correct me if I'm wrong). In Israel it is strictly against the law, and is prosecuted.

Helen Dickson posts on 6/17/2008 4:55:28 AM I read the story and I thought some people dont know how lucky they are not living in a world of so much defestation. Elizabeth was lucky to of been able to tell her family and the world how her mother tryed to save her from her family. Some people are so nieve that they dont know what happens around the world and yes some things are hard to believe. These things do happen and somethings that happen never get writen. So we dont know what to think because its never been writen or some one has writen it but its to late to help and support them. This child had been through so much seeing your own mother killed by family must of been terrible for her she could of been killed her self.
Christina Sundberg posts on 3/21/2008 2:48:00 PM While browsing through the internet, I've seen many people complain at this book, because they think the Korean part of it is full of errors. They claim there's no such thing as honor murders in Korea, and that also other details in that part of that story are off from the reality. How do you feel about that? Should I believe in this book or not?
Christina Sundberg posts on 2/1/2008 3:25:29 PM I read this book some years ago, when I was still in High School. I just thought about it half an hour or so ago, and now I found this site- I'm from Sweden, so I naturally read the book in Swedish, but anyway... "A thousand sorrows" is a perfect title for this book. How can one person be put through so much? How can this story be true? Not only is her mother killed right in front of her. But when she's adopted and supposed to get a new loving home, she gets those lunatics instead. It's such a shame that christianity, which has given so many other people comfort and happiness, only makes her think of these terrible fanatics. And then, there's the husband, who they forced her to marry.
Stephanie Dever posts on 12/15/2007 8:20:58 PM Kia Ora from New Zealand. One of the saddest books one could read and one of the best written books I have ever read. Lovely to see Elizabeth smiling on her 60th birthday celebrations and I trust her life is now full of peace and love. Happy New Year 2008
Debra McKenna posts on 11/26/2007 6:32:02 PM This book has affected me deeply. The whole way through it I wanted to reach in and pull her out and hug her. It was terrifying to read and frustrating that the perpetrators did not seem to get their comeuppance, but we are not dealing with a Hollywood blockbuster, but the real world. Her husband was/is an evil man who ridicules christianity. Elizabeth, you truly are amazing to still be able to have love in your heart and forgive so much. I hope that you have found happiness.
Alicia James posts on 10/29/2007 4:48:21 PM After reading the book Ten Thousand Sorrows I was deeply moved. As parents we often take our children for granted, this book is a reminder to all parents that our children are there to be cherished be they our birth children or adopted. To read of the horrific effects so much sorrow had on a small child - effects which were carried through into adulthood left me feeling gutted. I love my own children deeply, and hope they will carry happy memories of their ggrowing up. Thank you for this wonderful book, and for sharing your story with us. You are a very special woman.
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