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Mark Posner, MD posts on 10/24/2005 10:57:56 AM I have been trying for 2 months to find a copy of "When the air hits your brain" and I have been unsuccessful. Any idea where I can get a copy? Thanks.
DilekGolet posts on 9/1/2005 11:55:26 AM DearMr.Vertosick, I am a doctor from Turkey. I've read your book:When the air hits your brain. Our good intent and compassion sometimes may be more helpful for our patients then pure experience. I feel in the same way as you in many occasion, but sometimes reach to different conclusions,maybe because of different backrouns.I would like to send you a group of articles about "illnesses and man", if you also would like to see.I could not find your e-mail address (that I could send article as attachment)and find so many mail address. So, If possible,please inform me about your e-mail or current mail address. Yours Sincerely

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