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Lexi posts on 11/27/2009 3:50:14 PM The disease is rabiees that Old Yeller gets and i am doing this LAL project that i have to do for school and i too need more info.
violet posts on 8/3/2008 11:28:13 PM im doing sort of like a fake newspaper article on the part where they kill old yeller. im to lazy to read the book ao i need more details.
Anonymous posts on 5/20/2008 11:48:39 AM why do they have to kill old yeller?couldn't they have some thing

bob posts on 3/31/2008 6:51:35 PM i need more info for my book report bcause im to lazy to read it come on cant u give me more info than that?
joyce posts on 10/24/2007 7:22:07 PM who is the antagonist in the story and why, OLD YELLER?
talia posts on 10/13/2007 8:02:59 PM what are some problems in the story.I need them for my report.
robert posts on 3/4/2005 11:37:10 AM how lod are you i need to know about your biography
Beth posts on 2/20/2005 10:37:30 PM I have some questions about old yeller/fred gipson that i need to include in my report. What other books has Fred Gipson written? What was the message delieverd in Old Yeller?
b posts on 2/15/2005 10:00:41 PM what is the name of the sickness that killed the dog?

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