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Joe Chavez posts on 1/1/2012 Joe Chavez has just written a review of Demons which you can see here
posts on 9/5/2006 12:30:27 PM Have Dostoyevsky's "crime and punishment" been written and originaly published in short chapters for a weekly newspaper?
posts on 5/23/2006 1:33:33 PM dimitri is in brothers karamazov ... representing the emotional aspect of human beings

posts on 4/30/2006 5:38:42 AM I am doing a project on The Idiot and I have to get some notes on the moral tone of the story. I also need some help on the theme of the story. If anyone could help me, i hope they would mail me at my E-mail address.
Gary Roth posts on 3/23/2005 3:07:45 PM If someone told you to go read about Dimitri in Dostoyevsky, but they didn't remember which book this character appears in, which would you think?
Paul posts on 1/27/2005 8:56:10 AM I am a sophmore reading this book for my english class. I am enoying it a great deal, but I don't know what would be a good topic for an essay that I must write. If there is anyone who could help me out it would be great. Thanks

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