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Sharon C. posts on 1/1/2012 Sharon C. has just written a review of Parade of Shadows which you can see here
Mattie posts on 2/1/2011 5:12:36 PM I loved Homeless Bird! I am currently reading Chu Ju's house.
Marissa posts on 3/13/2009 8:50:21 PM This is a well written book it was sad at the end i cried it is great if you are learning the Russian revolution!!!

Helena posts on 2/15/2009 7:22:11 PM Gloria Whelan has writen some of the best books ever and this book is not an exception, I am not telling people to by it because if u r looking it up u most likely have already read it... and was it not great!!!!
Kaitlin posts on 2/10/2009 7:28:30 PM Hi everyone, I need to compare an contrast two characters from this book.Who should I chose? -Kaitlin
musiclver posts on 4/8/2008 8:41:52 PM I LOVE this book!! i resd this book in less than 5 days! im a fith grader encouging people to read this book!!!!!
andrea posts on 8/21/2007 9:12:17 PM i need more ibformation onthisbook!!!
posts on 9/29/2006 9:20:48 PM i just got done reading Chu ju's house and it was the best book i have ever read! i chose the book to do a book report and since gloria gave so much scenes to put in my head and i think im going to do a great job! i hope you write more books this good!
allison posts on 2/16/2006 6:24:24 PM I have just finished reading Burying the Sun by Gloria Whelan and I want more!! I have read all three books in this series and I can't wait to find out what happens next! Is another book coming out soon? Georgi just went to war and I am left hanging. Please let me know. Thank you.
Elizabeth posts on 5/28/2005 9:06:09 PM I liked the book, and thought the author did well in showing the side of both the peasants and the aristocracy. Katya was an interesting character, as were Misha and the characters around them representing different views. I liked that Katya's ideas changed and she grew as she became less innocent to the world around her.
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