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machelle miller posts on 5/14/2012 2:05:45 AM What are the different themes for chapters 13-18?
Mason S. posts on 1/1/2012 Mason S. has just written a review of The Power and the Glory which you can see here
Autumn posts on 4/17/2008 10:39:50 PM How is the plot developed in chapter 3?

posts on 8/29/2006 8:54:38 AM What is the plot of the story and why should year 12 students in Queensland read this book?
Philipp Hammes posts on 4/4/2005 12:40:10 PM Hello, Im a student from Germany and I need to revise "The Quiet American" for my final exam in 2 weeks. Can anyone help me by giving websites or texts about the major themes in the novel? Thanks,Phil
Tristan Van Amber posts on 3/10/2005 8:14:53 PM I'm sorry, I don't know what Kelly Whiting was reading, but Graham Greene's "The Power and the Glory" has nothing to do with redemption. It is, on the face, about a man consumed in inner turmoil and persecution. Looking deeper betrays Greene's real point: the lack of a face or structure or even a point to religion. The majority of his novels have this same theme to them. Greene disliked religion and would never write a book giving it props.

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