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posts on 9/3/2006 10:05:10 AM Can anyone tell me if the First Edition of EDGEWORKS was "signed in the plate"? That is, is there a facsimilie signature on the half title printed in blue ink?
Damon LaBarbera posts on 1/21/2006 1:37:04 PM I had the misfortune to have a short story I wrote in grad school critiqued by Harlan Ellison. It was about 1981. He eviscerated my story--called it all sorts of names--this was on campus radio. At one point he said my story was "projective vomit" and that I might consider plumbing. But he was right, the story was inane and poorly written. To use the vernacular, it "bit". So, he improved my writing. But it was like being the ongoing butt of the joke of a good standup comedian. In spite of his foul humor, he seemed actually likeable. To paraphrase Saul Bellow, it doesn't hurt to be loused up by a pro--to be the subject of a two nosed portrait by Picasso. And Ellison seemed the Picasso of the putdown.--DL

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