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Richard MacDonald posts on 11/18/2005 9:54:40 PM I first discovered Harold Adams in the early 90s when I was a librarian in Nebraska. I have since worked in southwest Minnesota and central Wisconsin. In all 3 locations, Adams' works were all but unknown, which is too bad. I believe his Carl Wilcox stories are unequaled.
Ezekiel Steiner posts on 10/18/2005 12:19:48 PM What is the best one to start off with? Ezekiel Steiner
Carol H. posts on 8/20/2005 11:58:31 PM Mr. Adams is such a favorite of mine. I am so sorry he is ill. His books are wonderful. And I have looked forward to each one. I hope his health improves. Part of my wish is for him, and selfishly partly for me. I would miss not being able to keep up with Carl Wilcox.

Harry Armstrong posts on 6/10/2005 4:56:27 PM So sorry to learn that Harold Adams has health problems that prevent him from writing another wonderful Carl Wilcox story. I hope that Mr Adams has good medical treatment and good care from those close to him as well as a speedy recovery. Harry
Dennis McCargar posts on 6/10/2005 4:46:37 PM It is really hard to accept that we may never have a new Carl Wilcox mystery, again...what a shame. My heart goes out to Mr Adams, I sincerely hope his health, whatever the problem is, returns, whether we get another Wilcox installment or not. Like many others, I was raised in the midwest, and my dad started school in a very small place like Cordon in So Dakota. He is gone now, was born in 1922, about the same age as Mr Adams, I see, and he used to tell us stories about So Dakota, when we were growing up down in Iowa, among them, how the whole family was run off their share- cropping farm in the depression, and were divested of all their household goods that they couldn't load into a Model T that was already full with the folks and four kids...that was near Virgil, Beadle County, I think. So, the Carl Wilcox stories took me home again, and transported me to where I had never been, but heard about: my dad's childhood home. I'm a librarian, now, and I seldom forget to suggest a Harold Adams book to my readers, al- though our big system has darn few to choose from...Was very nice to read all the commments on this site, hope mine will also ring a chord with you all, glad we all had the fortune to discover old Carl and his times--hats off to Harold Adams who took us there!

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