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classmat posts on 9/2/2009 8:53:36 PM hahahah wow kid, Ms. Ashton's Geography Class. Way to go champ. It's a double test so good luck
madi posts on 8/21/2009 6:29:17 PM can someone tell me what the prayer wheels are? the kudun? obsticles the men from the west had to overcome? what the author learned? color favored by the dalai lama? rebirth? capitol punishment? oracle? behavior patterns of the bicetanns? death and burial? monasteries? the authors connection with the dalai lama? tibet vs china? tibetian feelings about the dalai lama? tibetian markets? education and writing? tibetians feelings about hunting? how they wear their hair? butter tea? white scarfs? honey? projects the men of the west were in charge of? what the dalai lama learned? tibetian soldiers? tibetian religion? just curious....please help
Courtney posts on 7/28/2008 10:55:52 PM I am currently reading this book. I have to say I disagree. I dont recommend this book. It drags along and it gets boring. That is my opinion though.

Bob posts on 4/8/2008 9:40:48 PM Heinrich Harrer is Austrian not German
Peter Henderson posts on 10/3/2005 4:56:31 PM the book is great, easy to read, flows well, and very interesting, give it a looksee

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