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lettuce-leaf posts a message on 1/16/2005 4:13:43 PM Yes.. it is me. The master formally known as..( was i bunny or rabbit? Man i am confused all ready!!) I have to say that i never knew a copraphagus ate its own poo how interesting!! I am afraid I know nothing of the intellectual sort; u can tell I am the dumb-ass English student who never pays attention and sits in the corner..alone! I now feel I should have a good old read of the Encylopedia tonight to update my knowledge, so that next time I can impress you all (maybe I should not of put "you all" seeing as there is only me and that silly orange thing formally known as "carrot". What kind of a name is "carrot" neway?!! Oh sorry I forgot.. it's "carrot-stick") Oh well I best get going I've got a very annoying caterpillar nibbling at my ear..actually I'm quite enjoying it.. ooh it tickles.. hehe.. so goodnight to you and anyone else that would like to join in; not that they will because they actually have a life.. ok I'm going on now aren't I? Hey Just remember- I am full of goodness!!
carrot-stick posts a message on 1/14/2005 3:20:31 PM thort i would keep the theme alive with a bit of veg talk...did u no theres a radio programme called that..? (not that im advertising 4 10 am every sunday) yeah i just made the times up.. So hows that essay coming? given it a second thort? no me neither. Any lonely ppl out there who care to join us in this "intellectual" waffle feel free....we would be only to glad to respond. oh on an interesting note a copraphagus is a type of mamal which eats it own poo. thort id link back to my english lesson and alias bunny. take care...and avoid all those headlights, ur faveourite dipping implement carrot-stick.
rabbit posts a message on 1/14/2005 4:45:49 AM hello fellow hoppers!! obviously we are not sad people who sit up in the early hours of the morning reviewing films (actually we have just had a slumber party but we won't go into that..)We are English, bunny and I, and the time is 9:42 am. We have decided to use this international messaging board for our own private service hehe.. if you wish to interupt our general nonsensical flow, feel free leave a message, or possibly a review and we shall respond. Keep up with the carrotts and enjoy the rest of your z z Z Z's!!

bunny posts a message on 1/14/2005 4:36:52 AM well im sat in my english class (or rather the library) trying to concoct a classy english essay about Henry V...a subject that seems to have excited a deep passion in all those review readers out there. No? Only me then? lol...(maybe not) Anyway i better leave this "message" board...cos im the only one whose written a message...and get on with this cursed essay. p.s bunny isnt my real name! (but then i dont think you really care)
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