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Shir B. posts on 1/1/2012 Shir B. has just written a review of Siddhartha which you can see here
Andrew Black posts on 1/1/2012 Andrew Black has just written a review of The Glass Bead Game which you can see here
Jennifer Tobkin posts on 1/1/2012 Jennifer Tobkin has just written a review of Beneath the Wheel which you can see here

applebottom posts on 8/5/2009 6:09:19 PM yea i just finished reading Steppenwolf and i fell in love with Hesse's style of writing. Steppenwolf spoke to my soul, and im very interested in getting another one of his works, i think this might be the one
Ajamu Sankofa posts on 3/7/2008 6:34:42 PM I first read Narcissus and Goldmund as an undergraduate at Bowdoin College in 1970. This year, I recommended it to a graduate student in his early 20's because the power of that novel is still with me and I just instinctively suggested that he read it. This young man's response to this classic has been magical, letting me know that I had done the right thing.
Damon LaBarbera posts on 1/21/2006 1:04:13 PM Well, Hesse had reason to know about mental health. He had a good mentor--was acquainted, actually a patient, of SF.
jello posts on 9/1/2005 4:23:10 PM I read this in single day. I just could not put it down. It resonated with me to the very core of my being. I zealously recommended this to a couple of friends who are also avid readers. Alas! They did not understand why I had put this book on the pedestal on which I put it. This book that works on quite a precise frequency, and I expect that its full power will be experienced by those who feel as Steppenwolf has and thus appreciated fully by that audience alone.

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