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Dawson posts on 9/8/2016 8:13:56 AM Hello, sir Hiroshima. I know I have no right to ask you to add some of my personal extra plots into the comic as Fairytail belongs to you and you are the one who have the right to decide how the story will go. I just have a little request here. It is about the character, Lisanna. First of all, I love this character, so as the other characters in fairy tail. Therefore, I wish that she can have a happy ending. it would be good if Lisanna can be with Natsu at the end although this seems impossible for now. If you had already decided that there is romance between Natsu and Lucy, I will respect your decision. In that case, let her meet someone else, a person that can bring her joy , a person that she can rely on and spend time together in the future. I want to see her be happy with someone, even though that someone isn't Natsu. This is my only request and I hope you will take this to your consideration. Thank you.
red 1 posts on 7/28/2013 1:47:58 AM ちょっとメスターヒロ三島私は本当にあなたの作品の多くを愛し、私はあなたが何かを変更するが、私は本当にそれがiの人生を私は13歳ですあなたが見ること私の呪われた人生に希望を与えて、それを愛するアニメフェアリーテールを進めてくださいべきだと思ういけないオーフェン家は、私たちの世話をするが、私は本当に私は家族を持っていたいが、フェアリーテールで、私は彼らを保護し、それらを気に私の友人の家族経営を行うことができることがわかると、その完全な妖精の尾をしてください
yvonne posts on 7/7/2013 7:35:22 PM hi I am fairy tail fan #1 i am your fan #1 I am Gray Fullbuster fan #1 I am Lucy Heartfilia fan#1 Hiro-san, I have a question: Are you going to make Lucyand gray a couple (Graylu)? I want to make this couple,because I like gray and I know that anime will never exist. So, I want the est girl for him. Juvia is not a good girl. I want you to make 3 couples: 1. GrayLu(Gray F. and Lucy H.) 2. NaLi(Natsu and Lisanna) 3.LyVia(Lyon and Juvia) Please can you do me this favor?? Can you make my wish come true????

Andyabb posts on 3/5/2013 5:34:09 PM Please dont close fairy tail anime , everyone love it . I really love it and that will be painful to me ;(
Tsuri posts on 1/15/2013 1:18:32 PM Dear Hiro Mashima, During the edolas arch,i know that everyone had their opposite personalities and they became a dark guild but as I was watching/reading I noticed that the guild logo remained the same. Shouldn't that have reversed too?
Zoe Recklein posts on 11/30/2012 10:29:56 PM Hey Hiro, I an a blooming Anime artist. I really wanted to write to you. I was having a discussion in class about what famous person I would write to and I brought you up. I was just wondering were I should write to. Thanks! P.S. Your work inspired me and I appreciate all you do.
Seraphial posts on 9/10/2012 11:51:45 AM Hello Hiro Mashima, Fairy tail is a really good anime, but to rank it further, you have to think about a way so that natsu trains to become stronger, he cannot just rely on his hidden powers to continue, as far as the anime is on now, many can defeat natsu easily, so make something interesting, like gildarts training natsu.
Dragon Race Disciple posts on 12/28/2006 10:36:41 PM Hey Hiro Mashima i have a question What ever happend to Let I have not seen him for awhile
unonomous posts on 12/21/2006 12:26:14 PM To Mr. Hashima: He(you) are an awesome person I have always wanted to meet you You have a good soul You are very talented Your talent is great Don't let anything hurt that Don't damage your pride with popularity Its hard to be modest Be yourself Don't be what others tell you to be Don't think what they want you to think And most of all LOVE YOUR FAMILY Life was too short for my grandpa It's also getting too short for my cousin Help when you can For me it's too late to help my cousin Love your friends My school is to be shot today 12-21-06 by an unonomus person For that person life could be shortened a lot I'm only in high school That's too young for anybody to be killed Thank You for your time and thoughts if i live i will write again (I'm sure I will, I never plan on dying and I'll fight to the death prtecting my friends, family, and community
ELIE posts on 11/7/2006 12:23:31 PM I'm an italian girl and I want to ask you a lot of things! I'm very good to drawing and I did a lot of pictures about rave. If you aswer me, I give you them.Bie bie
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