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Anastasia Kucharski posts on 1/1/2012 Anastasia Kucharski has just written a review of Standing in Another Man's Grave which you can see here
posts on 6/4/2006 8:33:35 PM well i need a really good summary on the book so can anyone help?
Bill Scott posts on 4/1/2005 7:46:35 AM I'm living in Australia at present and bought the above book after a recommendation from an English friend. Page 41 mentioned 'Writing on the Wall'. I was the keyboard player with Writing on the Wall and I wrote the track called 'Bogie Man'. It was amazing reading this book in Australia.Ian is making me homesick, even after me living in London for near twenty years and Sydney for eighteen years. love to have a 'bevvy' with him. Cheers Bill Scott

Bill Scott posts on 3/24/2005 11:56:21 PM I have seen a few 'REBUS" TV Movies adn until recently hadn't read any of Ian's books. Recommended by a friend 'in Australia' where I now live. I bought 'Dead Souls'and I couldn't believe it when on page 41 'Writing on the Wall' group was mentioned and a track called 'Bogie Man'. I played keyboards in that band and I wrote that track.Ian really knows his Edinburgh. I would love to have a bevvy with him sometime. I'm addicted Ian, keep up the good work. Bill Scott

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