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Crystal posts on 1/17/2007 7:34:34 PM Just some interesting info: In the book Insight by Sylvia Browne, there is a segment in which Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, talks to Sylvia.
Barb White posts on 4/3/2006 8:52:27 PM Does anyone know what sources I can go to find book reviews for Suicide Hill?
Matthew Henderson posts on 1/3/2006 4:49:59 PM Hello, I love them all, but I'll be honest; american tabloid and the cold 6 thousand had WAY to many charachters for my brain to handle. Does anyone have cliff notes type notes that I could have/buy? Matthew

Ron Helm posts on 7/30/2005 12:21:40 PM Mr. Ellroy has a new book coming out in 8/05 - 10/05. What is the name of it? Knopf is the publisher. Thx.
Wanda Watkins posts on 7/12/2005 12:03:01 PM I just read this amazing book. I do not think I could have ever written anything like this but I am not a writer. Amazing is the only word I can use. Please read the poem "Testament" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I think it goes with Jean and James.
Harry Dawson posts on 7/3/2005 10:42:50 PM FRANK STURGIS (a.k.a. Frank Fiorini) James, This guy is a gold mine. He was involved in the Pro-Castro "liberation army" and later fought against Castro. Then he was later linked to Hunt (CIA Officer) and the JFK asssination and still later was arrested as one the Watergate burglars. WHAT A STRANGE TRAIL OF COINCIDENCES or How can one person be in the wrong place so many different times? Harry

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