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dhise posts on 12/8/2005 10:54:13 PM yeah, i bought the book, the indonesian translated version(i'm an indonesian), and i regret it. somehow it's just similar to what an indonesian author, Maria A Sardjono, always writes. i don't like her books. they're always about woman who has beauty and brain but no luck in love. the character thinks she already found the one but she doesn't. then she meets a man who is also great looking and smart. they fight everytime they meet and unconsciously in love. she gets confused but she'll end up with the man just bcoz the sexual air surrounds them every time they fight. the woman just kneels down. yeah, your story is just the same. woah what a story.. even me who was born in indonesia with its culture which places men far over the women, get sick of that kind of plot. why don't you write about someone who learns fromher own fault, someone who follows her heart, not just gives up to what a man said(a stranger maybe since they just meet once before)? the other things are ok, i just hate the story. sorry, it's time for woman rules. xxoo
chris maynard posts on 2/22/2005 2:47:47 PM i would jane moore to write a book about my experiences , in 2003 , i met a lady on the internet , i am from england and she is from thailand , we started communicating in april 2003 , by june 2003 i was flying out to thailand to marry her , i hadnt seen her in person until that time , but was sure that i was in love with her and that she was in love with me but after spending thousands of pounds on everything she wanted and bringing her to england , she left me and is living with her sister and divorcing me , i had never married before and was sure that she was the one for me , this is an experience that has to be told , to stop gullable men being ripped of by asian beauties who only want a visa and as much money as they can get , but the emotional side is more destructive
Amy posts on 2/1/2005 12:36:32 PM I LOVED both books I hope she comes out with another one soon.

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