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Paula Grogan posts on 9/8/2011 8:46:30 AM Also a fan. Living in the Philly 'burbs I go for a lot of the Philly and Southern Jersey settings and Jane Rubinos is the best - was there anything after Raise the Dead in 2005? Because she really left us hanging with Victor popping the question. And a word about Victor. He is SEXY. Goshbygolly. And it came to me that strong Latino males are rare in mysteries - none have really been intersting since Del Shannons Luis Mendoza and that was ages ago. Like the idea of a TV movie but who would play Victor? I cant come up with an actor who could pull off that sexy, sensitive, dark character.
Ellie posts on 8/13/2011 8:41:49 AM Hey Toby - the show is called Against the Line or Against the Wall - a family of cops with a bunch of brothers and then the youngest in the family is a girl. You bet it sounds familar. Also the girl is very close to the youngest brother just like in J Rubinos series. The series is not good - some of the acting is okay but it looks too much like that series Chicago Code. Should be called By The Numbers. Now its moved to a new night only a few shows in not a good sign. Why not just buy the Cat Austen Victor Cardenas series?? Would have been a MUCH better route esp for a channel like LifeTime
Toby S. posts on 7/27/2011 1:25:23 PM A preview for some new show with a girl cop with a few brothers also cops made me think of this series. Actually what it made me think was that someone read this series and wanted to filch parts of it - looks like a yawner. Another cop show. What makes Rubinos series a winner is that you get the best of both - the amateur detective view of a case and the cop view of a case. "Plot Twist" was my favorite and "Raise the Dead" is a close #2 but they are all special.

Kels S posts on 7/14/2011 7:30:19 AM Of all the mystery series I read in the past years this one is the one I most would like to see made into television series. Something about Cat Austen just comes out as flesh and blood and the same with Victor. Also I liked the way the subordinate relations were developed.. Stan and Jacke, Freddy and Ellice and in the last book Steve and Kathy. That one was very touching and tender.
Cheyenne posts on 6/1/2011 12:53:06 PM Rubinos books were put out at first by a small mystery publisher Write Way Publishing who also debuted a group of really great and promising talents like Keith Snyder, Eileen Schumacher and LL Thrasher to name a few. This is one series that should have gone on and on and you are all right about Victor. He is a wonderful character full of shades and nuance and humor. Who said it should be a TV show? Who would play Victor?
Rob posts on 5/25/2011 9:28:46 AM Glitch in my post. Meant to say that the Rubino books were NOT lightweight. One more thing is the guys. Womens books always turn guys into supermacho or over sensitive types (and men write women like theyre all Megan Fox with PHDs) But the guys here are three dimensional. Carlo especially struggling with his early retirement and butting in because he needs something to do is a great character. Same with Freddy. Some great gals too. Got a kick out of the mortician friend - could go on but get the books.
Rob posts on 5/24/2011 5:13:51 PM I never miss the TV show Bones. Always been a fan of the detective partners since Holmes and Watson. Not a cop show fan but anything like Bones, the old Remington Steele show, Nero Wolfe. Victor and Cat paired up well and the books were fun but lightweights. Plot Twist put me thru the ringer.
Elena posts on 5/9/2011 10:47:57 AM Cat Takes The Cake!! Got a copy of the book Deadly Morsels @ a used book store. 4 short novels with characters from mystery series that were in the works. Loved - LOVED - Cake Job the first Cat Austen and Victor Cardenas i ever read. Where have they been all my life? HE IS SOOOOOO SEXY! Went back and found the first book Death of a DJ in pb also and now scrambing to find the other ones. Cat and Victor are such a great pairing. Im in love.
Charlie from Charleston posts on 4/4/2011 4:05:58 PM Read this series 5 years ago and reread it last year. Except for those few things that got outdated so fast between the 90s and now it holds up so well and the characters just walk off the page. Cat Fortunati Austen is the widow of a state trooper who was murdered. She is from a tough Italian family - 6 older brothers! - and decides she has to take on responsibility for her own life and satisfaction so she revives a writing career - in a small way - while raising her 2 kids. In the first book a shock jock gets whacked & CAt is the only witness - enter the enigmatic Lt Victor Cardenas, homicide and the plot, the sparks and the FUN take off. Dont know another series that can have you close to crying on one page and laughing 3 pages later. The second book - Fruitcake - a great Christmas mystery and the last book - Raise the Dead - shows off Rubino's skill as she circles back to plot lines that started in Book 1. Especially loved Plot Twist with its slam bang twist and the very touching finale. Real, true characters and dialogue - fun, intelligence and thrills.
Tony posts on 3/1/2011 6:45:35 PM One series that needed better people behind it - the Write Way editions are good looking but w/some editorial glitches that a bigger pub would have ironed out. Saying that - these books are grrrrreeat! (my name is Tony!) Real people. Like that you dont have 100 chapters that are a page long. Dont know whats up with that in newer mysteries but once a chapter starts up I want some meat to it. Cat Austen and Victor Cardenas are my favorite pair since Nick and Nora - hate that these books stopped @ Raise the Dead. Like the "take" on Atlantic City - Rubino doesnt gloss it over. Fine series.
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