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Brent (aka Snake) posts on 5/25/2005 2:15:24 PM Greetings, I am Snake. I am Jim Morrison reincarnated, and no I'm not saying this for publicity or attention. Here me out before passing me off as some wacko nut case. Throughout my life, I have seen ghosts off and on since I was 10, I have also seen the future in my dreams from time to time (although at this point I can't do it at will *yet*, trying to get into magick though). I have overcome many great odds, ranging from disability (and everything that came with it, but I have a high-functioning form of autism), poverty, child abuse and molestation, drug addictions, homelessness, and much more. I have always felt as an open-minded free spirit, a wanderer. And I have lived that way almost instinctively. I noticed I was Jim as I read his biography, and as I listened to his music. But as a child, I had a dream where I was in the back seat of a car, riding through a desert with my supposed parents (even though I didn't notice them as my parents b/c they didn't look like my parents in this life). Anyways, we came upon a place where a pick-up had turned over. Outside the wreckage, a Native American man stood weeping as he watched his family dead and bleeding. I could only remember how bad I wanted to help, and being helpless to help. I remember the look in this man's eyes... Excuse me I tend to get very emotional when I think about this though. I also noticed many other smaller similarities, such as my tendancy to take abnormally long walks for no good reason, my perpetual fear of needles as a child (which I have now overcome), my hatred of conformity and authority, my poetic talents, I mean I can point these things out all day. This life I seek to once again become a rock star, even though I abhore that spotlight. But I have something major to say to the world though. I wanna become an activist. First I must break from my roots and gain my independance. I am moving to be with my girlfriend in another state. There I'll start my band. In 10 yrs I have decoded most of the unknowns, ranging from supernatural, government conspiracy, UFO's, ritual magick, time, evolution, and much more. I also believe in a better, more free way of being, higher intellect, broader horizons, peace of mind. In essence, I am now the liberator. I have taken all the bad things that have fallen upon me, and I am turning them into positives, reaching out to those who have been hurt, held down. I am an accuser of the riteous, wicked, powerful, and rich authorities, rebel prophet, and a sentinel of freedom. This is my purpose in life. I know this sounds insane. Dude, I thought I was insane at first myself. But I still have Jim's eyes, his boyish good looks, a similar hair style. And it's completely natural. But I wanna help, I wanna make things better. I wanna make a better alternative world away from theirs, a place of freedom, prosperity, equality for all (including the disabled), a family of fans, from all walks of life, working together. That is my dream. And I feel music is the best way to get it out there, because people listen to what is said in music. The rock star/activist is the corrupt politician's worst enemy.
Billy posts on 5/23/2005 8:39:07 PM Hi, i am an high school students and i am doing a project on JIM MORRISON, an icon project, please, any fans, anybody who has information about him, his relatives, please email me, i have questions, i need pictures, somebody help me please, any big fans of him, pleeeaseeee, help me with this icon.

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