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Steven Turner posts on 6/3/2008 9:33:44 PM I don’t know where to start, but I need to start somewhere, thus would you take the time to read this? My name is Steven Turner, and I am a physicist in my own right. I started writing about psychology when I was thirteen years old and continued until I was twenty-two. I had not had a teacher of this, so I did all my examinations alone. When I was about twenty-three, my mind began changing focus towards the way our universe works. Again having no teacher, I had to figure it out alone. I wanted to determine how our atom works. I began testing personal theories about simple mathematical codes that the universe could use. Instead of trying to actually see what was going on in an atom, I tried to establish the only possible code that an atom could operate with. This seemed easier for I had no access to a collider, which I had no idea even existed at the time. I spent roughly three years figuring out a code that worked easily, simply, and well. Once I got this done, I signed up for a few classes at a college in order to slightly test my theories. I took a simple algebra class and a psychology class. I tried to show the math teacher some of my work, but not only did he seem to look at me as lesser than him, but he also seemed completely uninterested with my years of work. I suppose I really cant expect more from a teacher that’s just wants to teach his class, and pass no judgment, but I attained multitudes of universal information during attendance of the class. During my psychology class, it was as if I were at home, seeing things I had never noticed before. Within a few classes I noticed that the makeup of the mind was tightly comparable to the composure of the atom. I began connecting the known knowledge of psychology, with my theories of what I now call atomics, or universal mathematics. Soon I had begun creating something I would like to introduce to the world of science, as ((Psychological Atomics)). I believe I can explain how our minds follow the exact nature of atomic signatures, signals, transfers, disturbances, equations, and much more. I may not be a professional in the eyes of acknowledged world scientists, but I do have a great deal of heart for this. I believe that the universe is so simple that it may be easy to decipher its mechanisms by comparing everything we see around us. Mathematics is universal and associates with every natural world existence. Instead of just breaking the atom down I went straight for what I like to call the ((Bottom)). After briefly reading into some reports, I found that many call the bottom, the ((God particle)). I am trying to crack the atom code in a mobile home, within a small town of Arizona. I CAN DO IT!! All I need is a little time with professionals that I don’t know how to get in touch with. I have put atomics into algebraic and geometric formats and although I don’t have this code complete, I think I am closer than I should be. I can easily explain why light travels faster than sound, and why we don’t age while traveling at the speed of light, in a way no one understands. Time measurement is easy to define and calculate in its smallest increment with this theory. I can make it complex enough to evade many, or easy enough for a grade school student to understand. I have over five hundred pages of journalism and diagrams to share with the scientific world, and whether or not it can ever be taken seriously, I would like to share it with someone. It doesn’t matter who figures these things out, it only matters that we do. I believe that I have a good idea of what happened seven steps before the Big Bang, why there is more dark matter than matter, and what the smallest increment of matter is. I watched a man on the science channel talk about his theory that light use to travel faster at one point, and I believe I can fill in his blanks.
Lynn Buntin posts on 6/2/2008 9:11:21 AM I just finished watching your Big Bang theory special on the Science Channel and was spellbound! Thank you for articulating your theory in such a profound way. After some thought and discussion I must say that I can easily see this VSL theory in so many ways...just drop a water balloon and at impact the water explodes at a rapid pace and as it settles is flows in a slower manner, down to a trickle, I would assume the light that is being moved out of the way also changes speed at the induction of the matter moving it. Bravo!!!
Jack Dixon posts on 11/11/2006 5:10:28 PM Years ago I read George Gamow's description of the Big Bang. At the time something about it did not ring true, but only recently have I been able to resolve the conflict. Like a drowning man grasping at straws when he should be trying to float, the scientific community develops ever more outrageous theories to explain the incosistencies in a fatally flawed theory, the Big Bang. Eliminating the answers that do not work, the answer lies in gravity rather than light.

carol rae posts on 8/20/2005 1:09:44 PM How do I contact him? As I find science has been turned on its head to hide what was military equipment.. This has left a very dangrous situation for us all... Energy has been badly under estimated some reports I have read its really 3 or 4 times more powerful.. Yet read in the wrong way so ti appears low powered.
a posts on 5/5/2005 7:09:04 PM Magueijo is Portuguese. It is not an english man !!!!

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