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Kelly posts on 5/16/2010 7:15:44 PM Hi everyone. I've been thinking about starting a website for Johanna Lindsey fans to post and read fan fiction based off her books. Would anyone be interested in a website like that? If so I'll be willing to put the work into making it.
Chanelle posts on 8/2/2008 2:18:08 AM Hi there, I am a big fan of Johanna's books. I started with Angel. I was completely amazed with the book. I have never read anything more romantic yet the situations are difficult. I deciced I liked what I read so I went out and bought another one. Well in 1 month's time i have ended up with the whole collection. I am in love with every story & I hope she comes out with another one soon. NO choice but seduction was great. I hope Johanna gets to read this because she needs to have more viking stories. They are just as good as the Malories. Also for anyone looking to buy the whole collections I have 2 suggestions for you. Go to flea markets (I got half of my collection there), also Chapters has a big chunk of her books in stock & what they don't have they will order them in. Well Johanna if you read this I hope you keep up with the books & thank you for making me know what it is like to love.
Bek posts on 7/31/2008 1:16:01 AM I picked up my first johanna lindsey book in january of 2004 since then i have read every book shes had published. Johanna saved my LIFE if it hadnt been for her enchanting stories of honour and love of forgiveness of mistakes i would not be here today. She taught me through a fantasy world of love that there is good men out there people who care and even though i had been violently attacked and abused i was not damaged i was still worthy of love and respect she fixed a broken and scared teenager and made me whole again.Now im in a loving relationship with a beautiful baby boy and its all thanks to her who for a long time was my only silent freind thankyou. i dont know if she will ever see this but i hope she dose just so she knows how grateful i am to her from your most most grateful and avid reader thankyou for the company on all of those long dark days and nights Bek p.s the malorys rule

Vickie Pruitt posts on 7/27/2008 5:55:16 PM I am a huge Johanna Lindsey Fan.I just started reading her novels the first of the summer and just fell in love.I started with the Malory novel Say You Love Me but at the time I had no idea it was a series of them.I ordered the one she has out now called No Choice But Seduction.I would love to get the whole collection if I could please find out where and how.When I get through with all of the Malory novels I will start on the other books she has out.But she is a wonderful author and want her to know that
Kathleen Geist posts on 6/2/2008 3:17:15 PM Ihave a lot of audiobooks by Johanna Lindsay, some of the Malory novels. I would like a numbered listing of the Malory novels so I can complete my collection. Thank you.
diane posts on 10/25/2007 5:07:51 AM I am a new Johanna Lindsey reader. I am interested in the Malory Series, and would like to start with the first book. What is it? Thanks, Diane
TerraRydya posts on 9/14/2005 12:51:28 PM A Loving Scoudrel is the newest Malory Novel. Its about Jeremy.
Teresa posts on 3/10/2005 11:46:40 AM will there be any upcoming malory novels if not there should be plenty more malories to use hope to see a new malory novel soon

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